Monday, October 24, 2016


Many wonderful stories of what Jesus has done since in 2015 for the people who consider themselves members of Eagles Landing have come to my ears and in our first Sunday of the year we wrote down 34 things. Then in our Bible study this week I started a journal for the people to write down their praise reports. Here is an example that made me weep and thank God that he is at work beneath all of our bumps and warts! Jesus says that we speak (and write I say) from out of the abundance of our heart (Luke 6:45). Here some examples from the journal alone in one night, as written by each person:
"He put a smile on my face. Because last year i was hurt and he put a smile on my face and keep it there. Jesus gave me happiness. He also made me believe in hope and to do better for myself"
"Jesus gave me a husband forever. Jesus, I love you forever. Amen"
"My Lord Jesus Healed my hand"
"Jesus helped me to help pastor with driving and gave me new way of looking at love..."
"Jesus has brought my daughter back in my life and in 2015 he brought my dad back to life too. He has shown me a lot and taught me more about him and his love"
"Jesus cured my cancer"
"God has heard my prayer for me to understand my husband..."
"Jesus took my tooth pain away because I prayed hard and cried to him"

Pastor Fern
Eagles Landing, Eskasoni First Nation,
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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