Monday, October 24, 2016


"GET UP AND KEEP GOING" is the Word given to Elijah, in 1 King 19:3-8. It is the message God gave to Isaiah when the whole world was pressing in around him. He hid in a cave wanting the world to let him off at the next stop. That will be my sermon message at Eagles Landing tonight.
God's committed servants don't get to call the shots. God does! Even Jesus told us he did His Father's will -- not his own will. God does! How often we choose where to go and how much we are willing to do for Him and how we want to do it. Things don't go our way and we want to "quit" serving Jesus Lord or "give up" going to church. "But Pastor, God's way is too hard". Actually part time walking in God's way while clinging to our own old sinful way is much harder! It splits the Holy Spirit's work of joy in our personal lives and drags out the process of spiritual growth, making it out to be 'programs' and 'religion' only from our perspective. 
Maybe it is because like Elijah, threatened in the cave, prayer according to his fear instead of praying according to faith that agreed with what God said. Maybe it is because we lost His vision and gloried in our own. 
We need to ask God how much is our own agenda and what He wants. Then repent and apply it to real life. That will be my sermon message at Eagles Landing tonight.

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